University of Tartu
Department of Bioinformatics
This is a package for PCR primer design from multiple bacterial DNA repeat sequences at one time. MultiMPrimer3 is based on widely used program called primer3
    To design PCR primers (detection primers) with MultiMPrimer3
  • insert bacterial DNA sequence(s) (file containing bacterial DNA sequences) in FASTA format (if there is more than one sequence, a primer pair is designed to amplify a product from all of these sequences at one time), additionally you may choose non-target bacterial species (strains) from given list
  • choose bacterial species to be detected by PCR from sample from given list of bacterial strains, additionally you may select bacterial strains likely to be in the sample as non-target species
  • Also, you can select human genomic sequence as non-target sequence (if chosen, time for receiving primers is longer)
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