qRTDesigner 1.2

About the program:

qRTDesigner is a program for designing primers for real-time quantitative PCR assays.

qRTDesigner uses:

  • NCBI HUMAN genome sequence assembly version 36.1

    qRTDesigner may take some time to work, so you may want to bookmark the results page or write down the results ID and come back later. If you enter your email address, results ID will be sent to you when ready.

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    There have been 3403 submissions to this web site since February 2008.

  • Please select your region of interest from the genome:
    Chromosome: cytogenetic bands from: to:
    positions from: to:
    or insert your gene ID:

    Gene ID:

    Use coordinates and ID-s

    Please select ESSENTIAL parameters for primer design:

    Number of primer pairs designed: (max 9999)

    Amplicon length: (min)- (opt)- (max) nucleotides

    Amplicon melting temperature: (min)- (max) °C

    Additionally, you can adjust OPTIONAL parameters for primer design:

    Candidate-region length: nucleotides

    Primer length: (min)- (opt)- (max) nucleotides

    Primer melting temperature: (min)- (opt)- (max) °C

    Maximal melting temperature difference between left and right primer: °C

    Disallow primers with G nucleotide in their 5' end

    Calculate primer secondary structures (mfold)

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